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‘A fascination with socio-economic history is something that happens on the day you find your childhood on display in a museum’.

Brexit – What The FDI Happens Now?

Before we begin - caveats, qualifications It’s not my aim to foist my opinions on anyone, I can only relate facts in an even handed way as possible and rely for the greater part on statistics. The data I’ve used is largely from the Office of National Statistics Winter...

Big and Beautiful

On my many trips oop North as I turn off the M62, about which I could wax endlessly lyrical without pulling your leg even once, I pass a neck- breakingly high chimney pointing upwards to the steely sky over Rochdale. Wrapped up against the winter chill and seemingly...

The 1984 Miners Strike

The 1984 miner’s strike was a form of natural disaster. It causes were largely organic, its immediate effects were uncontrollable and the fallout left a trail of devastation. Much has been written on the subject from those within the industry and outside it. Social...

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