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Not so much travelogues as a peek at what lies beneath the stones


My proper job involves a lot of travelling and over time I’ve covered most of the UK, but I rarely get a chance to see anything. I try to make up for it when we go away for breaks and holidays. I decided to log my first real holiday to remember it, but before I typed the first word I realised the last thing it would be was a log.

Normandy. Fallouts and Fairytales

  Bathed in glorious May Day sunshine, we set off for the long drive from the barren moors and frequent rain of Greater Manchester to pick up the Ferry and begin a much needed holiday. In previous years we headed for Holyhead to cross the Irish Sea to visit the...

Ireland (Part 1) – Where the people wave at strangers

It’s not surprising that Guinness has come to represent the darkly enigmatic country that is Ireland. And, no I’m not sidestepping the interestingly frothy top, through which you have to delve to get the true sense of all that rich darkness. The Irish have a...

A Bite of the Big Apple

“Lets go to New York.” H was excited by the prospect; standing over me with lustful longing in her eyes as I sat at my desk at work feverishly prevaricated. “Go on. You deserve it...” Recently divorced from problematic spouses and the financial baggage of eighteen...

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